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Adventurous Activities to do on Holiday in France

If you want to experience a jam-packed holiday in France doing everything you possibly can in a short space of time, we have some news for you!

Transport services in and around Marseille, France, may seem complicated at first glance but there are ways in which to get around that. Literally. Public transport services in this city consist of buses, trains, bicycles, and more. This shouldn’t stop you from sightseeing, touring art museums, or, even better, thrilling outdoor adventures.

Touring the City

Get an All-Inclusive Marseille Pass

Believe it or not, you can get your hands on an all-inclusive pass in Marseille that can last up to three days. It gives you access to free public transport as you venture freely between different museums and monuments. From the date of ticket purchase, the ticket is valid for up to six months. This lets you plan accordingly with dates and stipulated times of these establishments and attractions. If you’re keen to explore the ins and outs of Marseille, check online for your touring booking options.

Take a Bike Tour of Marseille

This is a fantastic idea for families, friends and even groups on team-building excursions. The idea behind this concept is to encourage city exploration with a tour guide on an electric bike. Bookings options can vary according to the duration and distance of the trip you wish to embark on as well as the number of people per trip. If you would like to book your bike trip throughout Marseille, you will be guaranteed adventure and views of a beautiful French city!


Breathtaking Dive Spots

Phare du Planier in Marseille

This lighthouse off the coast of Côte Bleu is home to various wrecks which include planes, ships, and the wreck of an Algerian tanker in 1970.


Junkers 88 in Marseille

The name refers to the German bomber plane used in the World War II. It was discovered in 1989 and is located nearby the island fort of Château d’If. Only certified divers are able to visit this historical spot. Hurry and get certified!


Other Water Sports Activities


Remember, we’re all about focusing on areas in France that are close to the Océan Atlantique. So, let’s introduce you to the Dordogne River which travels west towards the estuary along the Atlantic coast called Gironde. The river is calm which is perfect for a serene kayak trip as you look around at the beautiful surroundings. There are also hiking trails if you’re more of a walker than a paddler.



You may want to sign up with a travel company if you’re unsure of the best places or types of fish that can be found. However, there is a French lake called Etang de Beynac which is known for its abundance of carp fish. This type of fish is popular within the French communities. Get booking today if you’re in need of a fishing holiday!…