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The Top 6 French Holiday Experiences

Whether it’s your whole family or just you and your lover, there are options available to consider if you want the ultimate French experience in Marseille. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are a number of cheap sightseeing landmarks, restaurants, and local markets.

Below, you will find a brief breakdown of the little places you can visit that are easy on the euros hidden in your back pocket.


Palais Longchamp

This is an incredible historical monument built in 1839 and opened to the public in 1869. It was built in celebration of the arrival of the water supply from Durance to Marseille after the rapid spread of the cholera outbreak in 1835. Today, the monument has a Museum of Fine Arts, Natural History Museum, and a park. The beautifully landscaped park is entrance-free. The museums are free to explore on the first Sunday of every month.


Château d’If

Built in 1524 as a prison, this island fort has become a worldwide historical sensation thanks to the fictitious book, The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexander Dumas. The location in the book written by Alexander Dumas is based on the Chateau d’If itself following the path of revenge taken by Edmond Dantès, a wrongly accused Count. Today, the fort has a permanent exhibit dedicated to Alexander Dumas and the story he wrote.


Plages du Prado

One of the many beaches in Marseille, this one is commonly referred to as ‘David’. It is a good place to go to with your family in tow as it has playgrounds for the little ones. It is easy to get to using the bus routes that pass through. It’s full of convenience as it has ablution facilities, showers, restaurants, and bars nearby too.


Restaurants and Local Markets

Chez Fonfon

This restaurant has been around for decades. Chez Fonfon specializes in seafood dishes like freshly grilled sole with an accompaniment of choice. Yet, its reputation is built upon their famous traditional fish specialty – Bouillabaisse! Served in various ways, the restaurant has perfected their recipe over the years. Call in to book the ultimate Marseilles food experience.

Les Coquillages des Halles de la Major

This is a huge food hall that caters to all types of food lovers. Whether you’re into gourmet ice creams, vintage wines, cheese, or fine cuts of meat from the butcher, it is ALL there for you to pick and choose from every day! Visit the beautiful food market today!


Le Marché de Noailles

This vibrant market is just meters away from the Old Port of Marseille which means it’s easy to get to. It runs daily with most stalls being run by the Arab community. The stalls consist of anything from fresh produce, spices, Mediterranean meats like chorizo, all types of bread, prayer mats, and so much more than you could imagine!

The world of French experiences and tastes awaits you!