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The Most Budget-Friendly Mode of Transport in France

When you’re planning your trip to France, you’re more than likely flying over if you’re coming from another country like the United States or South Africa.

As to how to get around France itself to different destinations that tickle your fancy, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Due to the exceptional public transport systems in Europe, most train travelers will tell you that the trains are efficient in time-keeping and have reliable services. Of course you can also go for a luxury car rental from a place like this but that would not be budget-friendly, of course!

Trains provide travelers with comfort and reduce traveling time. This means you not only get to destinations faster but you are guaranteed to rail ride in comfort. Let’s take a closer look at how reliable and budget-friendly traveling by train can be:

The Interrail France Pass

There are different types of trains used by Interrail such as the high-speed or scenic trains. Each type accommodates you according to your travel plans or itinerary. By making use of the Interrail France Pass, you have access to destinations located all over the country. This pass also has Youth discounts for people between the ages of 12 and 27.

Senior discounts are applicable to the elderly travelers over the age of 60. Prices vary according to whether you select First or Second class seating as well as the duration of each trip. Family traveling with children has just been made so much easier for everyone! And even if you want to drive through Rome with a Lamborghini, you can do so as well!

The Eurail France Pass

The Eurail train company also has different types of trains used to get around anywhere you need to be. Your destination options can go from one side of France right to the opposite end and still get a ticket that guarantees unlimited trains at a reasonable price. You have the option of either First or Second class seating but this will change the price of your train ticket.

Children under the age of 12 always get to travel for free so family train traveling is still the most budget-friendly mode of transport in France!