Useful Resources

There are so many websites out there that offer competitive package deals that promise you value for money when adventure, touring, and sightseeing is what you’re looking for. However, having so many websites to pick and choose from can be a daunting task. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the most accurate and trustworthy resources we know and recommend!

Below, you will find a brief list of reputable websites you can visit online that will aid you in planning the holiday of your dreams.


Zicasso Handcrafted Travel

Zicasso is all about providing travelers with the ultimate experience in whichever destination a traveler is planning to visit. It is made so easy and convenient by giving you, the traveler, the opportunity to tell a Zicasso consultant exactly how and what your trip needs to include. Starting from luxury or budget accommodation all the way to what you want to do each day of your holiday.

Get in touch with a Zicasso consultant today to get the perfect getaway you’ve been dreaming about for way too long!


Europe Up Close

A website with a pure focus on everything European! Travel writers are in charge of telling their stories about where they have been in Europe, what they have experienced, and what you can look forward to when you plan your next trip there. There is nothing better than following the guidance of someone who knows the ins and out of places you want to see or food dishes you might want to try out. An added bonus is that if you’re an avid and regular traveler of Europe, you can actually work for them!

You will find travel tips or just simple posts related to the places and cuisine of France.


The Culture Trip

While keeping the spotlight on worldwide cultures, Culture Trip is the best online platform to keep an eye on as they post new travel content every day. Not only do they cover travel content but also have creative writers produce articles in various niches like art, fashion, cuisine, architecture, and so much more. Their global team is made up of people from different cultures and backgrounds all over the world.

If you’re wondering what you could get up to while visiting Marseille in the heart of France, this site can add some wonderful ideas to your almost jam-packed itinerary.


Planning for your European travels has become just that little bit easier thanks to our online resources that are literally just a click away. Traveling anywhere in the world can transform you as a person into someone who is wiser, knowledgeable, and humbled. Seeing and experiencing new cultures, cities, and cuisines all adds up in the end. Let’s not forget about the new friends you may meet along your path of travels.

If you have any questions regarding our resources or any other general inquiries, head over to our Contact page and let us know!